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Software Engineering

Software engineering is the core of digital tranformation, from design through to assurance our teams build securely and with scalability. We support you to deliver your most challenging technology programmes with a focus on quality and cost-effectiveness. Our engineers at skilled at architecture as well as front and back end development.”

Cloud Services

Effective cloud technology allows companies to launch new services at lightning speed. Whether you’re migrating key workloads or you need to optimise infrastructure, our consultants can help. We can deliver migration and platform services across all the major cloud providers to support your business needs.”

Data Services

Being data driven is essential in the current digital climate. We support our clients with architecture, engineering and modelling solutions to maximise value from their data landscape.

CTRM Consulting

A critical part of the commodities technology space, we can provide expertise in the CTRM space. Our consultants have years of experience commodities and trading and can help with Product Selection, Implementation, Support and Customization of CTRM solutions